When I received my Red Heart Bundle last March, (Bundle from Redheart) I was not sure what projects to make with the yarn. I did know I wanted to try a few different projects to really give the yarn a good test run.

When I saw that Red Heart had sent me a new baby yarn I was so excited. Red Heart has partnered with iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes to make this wonderful yarn. It is a perfect blend of acrylic and nylon that makes it super soft and just the right weight for those special baby things.

There are eighteen colors to choose from and are priced at $4.19 each. I liked the fact that in addition to your traditional pastels pinks and blues, you can also chose from some richer colors of darker, more bolder colors. I received two skeins, the colors are “Grass” and “Rosie” and both are of a light weight and in made of 80% acrylic and 20% Nylon.

I have included the link for those of you who would like to browse the different colors. I personally, have looked for this yarn at my local Walmart and JoAnnes. But, keep in mind in the area I live in, the supply of yarn stores is limited. (http://www.redheart.com/yarn/anne-geddes-baby?variantPage=1)


With the Rosie skein that I received I had decided to go with the time honored baby hat. I found the pattern Cotton Candy Hat in the Spring 2014 issue of Defining Crochet.

With the Rosie skein that I received I had decided to go with the time honored baby hat. I found the pattern Cotton Candy Hat (pictured below) in the Spring 2014 issue of Defining Crochet.

2014-11-01 13.18.14

It was an open work motif pattern with a small brim for framing the small face. The pattern was marked easy, thus making it great for a beginner who has some crochet hours accumulated. It was composed of the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch) , double crochet (The Double Crochet), slip stitch (Slip Stitch), half double (Half Double Crochet), single crochet (The Single Crochet) and with the speciality stitches of the Crossed Double Crochet stitch (Crossed Double Crochet) and Cluster. (3-dc Cluster)

With the skein of grass color I was a little bit more adventurous and crocheted several smaller items. First; was a Broomstick Lace Scarf, then a Vase Cosy and 3 small doilies for my grand daughters. I thought by crocheting different types of projects it would give me an idea of the versatility of the yarn, and not only for baby projects but other ones as well.


I was looking for a project for teaching a Broomstick Lace class, and it had to be something that was small enough to teach the stitch and still have the students departing with a nice project. The Broomstick Lace scarf (above) was just what I was looking for! It only measures 4 inches by 30 inches and marked at a beginning skill level. The only stitches you will need to know is the chain stitch(The Chain Stitch), single crochet (The Single Crochet ) and Broom Stick Lace stitch (Broomstick Lace) making this perfect for my class students.


I found the scarf in Crochet Now pattern book.


The Vase Cosy was found in Defining Crochet; Autumn 2012 issue. It was also an easy pattern consisting of only the chain stitch ( The Chain Stitch), single crochet (The Single Crochet) and the double crochet (The Double Crochet). Once I slip it over the glass vase, I can either place flowers in it or place a tea light candle in and use it for mood lighting.


The last things I made came from the 99 Little Doilies pattern book. (pictured above)  The doily (pictured below) chosen had a 4 1/2 inch circumference. The perfect size for each of my grand daughters to display in their rooms. It was a really pretty lacy pattern that was crocheted using the basic stitches of the chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet and treble crochet and the specialty stitches of a cluster and picot. They will be perfect little socking stuffers for the girls this Christmas.

2014-10-31-08-12 2


My experience with working Red Heart Anne Geddes Yarn was an absolute pleasure. The yarn itself shows off the deep rich hues and was as soft as it was beautiful. I have no doubt that any crocheted treasures using this yarn will be comfortably soft for any baby. I like the fact that it came in a variety of colors – from your basic pastels to your more richer bolder colors.

The yarn was easy to work with, and slid through my fingers effortlessly as I crocheted. The yarn slid out of the skein without tangling, fraying or breaking. No matter what stitches or pattern I used, the yarn looked great in the finished projected.

As far as care of the compleed items, the yarn is machine washable with cold water and can be tumble dried on a low gentle cycle.

I would definitely recommend this yarn to my students, as I believe it would a good yarn for beginning crocheters.

This is my second of four reviews for the yarn that Red Heart has sent me. The first was Red Heart Sassy Fabric (Boutique Sassy Fabric), the last two will be Red Heart Reflective Yarn and Red Heart Boutique Swanky Yarn which should be posted this month.

If you have had any experience working with Red Heart Anne Geddes Yarn I would love to hear your thoughts and please share your projects that were made from it.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.