This months Annie’s Hook and Needle Club marks my 23rd kit that has arrived in the mail. The timing of this kit amazed me, for since the day before it arrived, I was contemplating whether or not I should look through some patterns for a new hat and scarf for the upcoming cold weather. Imagine my excitement upon opening this kit and seeing the pattern!

The Rib Stitch Ensemble is an intermediate skill level and it came with six patterns; two each for a hat, scarf and mitts. As usual, with one each, a set of instructions for crocheting and knitting. I of course will be doing the crocheting set in time for this winter.

In addition to the patterns, the kit came with two skeins of size 4 dark blue worsted weight yarn in unmarked labels. I will need to use my J and I crochet hook and a tapestry needle to complete the projects.

This kit will be perfect for an inexperienced crocheter needing a kit that would be a little challenging. Although it has the basic stitches of the chain stitch and the single crochet, it also has more advanced stitches such as the drop stitch, front post double crochet and single crochet decrease. Which makes this kit great for crafters that would like to increase their skill level and discover what their fingers are capable of.

I am not only looking forward to crocheting this kit, but to wearing the finished product through the winter.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.