Upon receiving The Whimsical Storage Bowl kit I confess to admitting it is not exactly something I would have picked out for myself. I am so glad that I ignored my initial reaction, because by the time I had finished the bowl I was looking for a place to display my work.

The kit came with two unmarked skeins of green worsted weight yarn and small balls of yellow and orange worsted weight yarn. To complete the project I must have an H hook, a tapestry needle and some stitch markers. The kit also came with two patterns, one for crocheting and one for knitting.

The pattern is marked at an easy level, making this a great project for a new or more experienced crocheter, with one small challenge of having to master the single crochet decrease (Single Crochet Decrease). The other stitches are your basic stitches of the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch) and the single crochet. ( The Single Crochet)

One of my biggest detours in crocheting the bowl occurred as I started working on the project. I discovered one of the skeins of yarn had been cut and had numerous knots in it. This caused me to use more yarn then usual because of having to cut out the knots and leave in ends for the inevitable weaving. Have any of you guessed the outcome of my experience yet? If not, let me share. I had completed the entire bowl and all but one of the six points surrounding the top of the rim only to discover that I did not have enough yarn to finished the project.

In all the time I have been receiving kits, this was a first for me. So I called the company and was told they had no more kits to send me a new one and would have to call me back. Upon not receiving a return call, I called back two more times and upon that third call we found a remedy for the dilemma. I told the lady on the phone it did not have to be the exact same yard, just somhing similar in comparison so that I could complete the bowl. She found me some yarn really close and it was sent immediately. Fortunately this was an easy pattern that could be completed in one afternoon, for I took this journey twice.

I was very thankful that Annie’s stood behind their kits, and was so eager to provide the yarn once we reached a solution for this situation.

Tip:   If you find yourself crocheting this kit, there is one small tip that might help. When you get to the six points I found three stitch holder very useful. I used the first one to mark the beginning for the next point. The two remaining ones I rotated up as I crocheted the points. Marking clearly the beginning and ending stitch of each single crochet decrease. This helped and kept me from making mistakes. (pictured below)


Based on the fact that I had one skein of yarn with a lot of ends tied in knots, I am ranking this Kit a 7. Losing two points for the knots and one point for the unmarked yarn labels.

In closing, by the time I had finished the bowl, I was not only anxious display it, but to show it in my class on Monday to my students. Now, all I have to do is figure out what I would like to store in my new storage bowl!

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.