2014-08-25 16.01.00

My hubby and I were hosting a church picnic this month and on the afternoon before the event, I was going over the check list and double checking to make sure we had everything that would be needed. In the midst of all the coolers and yard games it occurred to me that this would be different than the other picnic’s that I had attended. I would not be a spectator as other times, but it would be me running around and making sure everything was done. I knew I would never be able to keep up with my water bottle. I knew I needed to do something, but I also knew whatever it was, it had to be quick and easy because of time limit I was facing. My mind started racing. Could I create something out of yarn?

I use the Klean Kanteen water bottle, so the first place I checked was their web sight. They had something that would be perfect; a water bottle sling. I knew I could never order one in time, so as I looked I knew it could not be that hard to crochet one that would be useable.

I then typed in crochet water bottle slings and to my amazement there was 87,300 results. I only had to click on three to find the desired pattern. Within an hour I had my problem solved!

This pattern had lots of pictures and was easy to follow. I used Sugar N Cream cotton yarn, making this easy for machine washing. The pattern had two different sizes, and can accommodate the thin or wide mouth Stainless Steel water bottle. The pattern required an I hook and only used a chain, double crochet and single crochet stitches making this an easy pattern for an advanced beginner.

The pattern is done in rounds so be sure not to forget to use a stitch marker to mark the beginner of each round.
The sling worked great, I even received several inquiries of interest about it.

I can see me using this on the many hiking trips we take through the warmer months and trips to the zoo or just shopping around town.

I found the pattern on the Moogly Blog web sight (http://www.mooglyblog.com/stainless-steel-water-bottle-sling/) by Tamara Kelly. I am including the link for those of you who would like to crochet one your self.

I can see myself crocheting a few of these in several colors for personal use.