I cannot believe this is my twentieth  kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club.  There is still a lot more kits to come. From what I have researched on the internet there is at least sixty that I know of.  

With July came the “Festive Fall Table Toppers.  It is a pattern for crocheted vegetables.  Not really something I would have chosen for myself, but that is the reason I decided to join the club-to learn outside my tastes and comfort zones.  

The kit came with four skeins of fine sport wool yarn in the hues of red, orange, green and purple.  In addition to the yarn it came with six patterns; 3 for crocheting and 3 for crocheting  a radish, carrot and an eggplant replicas.   I will need to borrow a C crochet hook, a tapestry needle and stitch markers from my own supplies to complete the kit.  The pattern is an intermediate one having only one speciality stitch in addition to the basic ones, and that is the Single crochet decrease.  

I am currently working between two projects, the “Elegant Evening Bag” and “The Classic Tote Bag”.  I am happy to say that I have almost completed them both.  I like the Classic Tote Bag so much I am actually crocheting two of them.  I will write more about them in my reviews later this week.  

With one stitch at a time I am slowly catching up on my kits and am looking forward to completing a project for one of the grandchildren.  We all know that summer fun makes crocheting take a back seat sometimes.    

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.