As you have crocheted I am sure at one time or another you have thought about creating your own masterpiece. It is something I believe all crocheter’s day dream about as they travel along their journey. Being no different from most people, I myself at one time thought about publishing my own work. Although I have created a few things, I never took it beyond my own circle of friends. I thought this week I would share with you my process and maybe I could also glean from yours.


First, for me I need to be inspired. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes I get inspired by books and when I see something that is not originally crocheted but I believe would look nice worked into a woven fabric by yarn, then my creative juices begin to flow.

Inspiration can come from a picture you see glancing thru a magazine or from filling a need with your creation. For Instance; once a lady asked me to crochet a baby afghan with polar bears, I could not find a pattern and created one myself using a picture and graph paper. Another time I saw some new yarn that just came out and in my thoughts I saw it crocheted into an afghan of sea colors. Afghans are my passion and so most of my creations are usually afghans, although I have created a few totes and scarfs and one vest.

Like an artist, or a photographer or writer, you could get your inspiration from anywhere or anyone, at any time.


Write down everything. Never trust your memory. No matter how good your memory is, by the time you crochet and pulled out and make your adjustments it can sometimes be hard to remember the count of your foundation chain. When I am creating a pattern, I keep a notebook at hand and I write down everything from the how many to chain in the beginning foundation chain all the way to the edging. I like to use pencils because that way if I change something it is easily fixed. Learn from my past experiences, it is easier to write it down as you crochet then to go back and count the stitches of each row.

Write the pattern

The next step is to set down at your computer and write the pattern down in crochet pattern layout. Do not rush this process. Take your time and double check your pattern. It is really easy to write the wrong abbreviation or skip a row without knowing.

Test Your Crochet Pattern

You could consider this like a safety net. I always give my patterns to a crocheting friend. This helps with two areas First, is the pattern as readable as you think it is? Secondly, if there is an error in the pattern, your friend will discover it before you mail it to a prospective publisher. If your test crocheter can crochet the entire project and come up with the same item you created then you will know that your pattern is ready for the public.

This is just a basic process that I like to use to help me get from a skein of yarn to the project that I am picturing in your mind. Sometimes I find the first step to achieving my dreams is just to have a simple plan to follow. I hope this helps.

If anybody out there has every created a pattern, would love to hear about your process.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.