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I have been in the Annie’s Hook & Needle Club for sixteen months now. It seems the older I become the faster time seems to dissipate. It seems like just last month I received my first kit and was so excited to get started. Now sixteen months later, I find myself still looking forward to checking the mail box. There are some kits I have enjoyed more then others, to be expected of course – yet I love seeing the mailman show up with packages still.

This months kit has perfect timing for the craft store opening in our small town. The owner was wanting gifts geared toward Mother’s Day, ASAP. It is a “Pamper Yourself Bath Set”. I thought I would add some bubble bath and soaps and place it all in a basket and wrap it all up pretty with a ribbon.

Although this was the fifth kit I received for something around the house, (Kit 3: Learn a Stitch Dishcloth Review,Kit 6:  Woven Table Runner Review, Kit 8:  A Basket of Sunflower Coaster ReviewKit 15:  Elegant Table Runner Review) it is the first one for the bathroom. The “Pamper Yourself Bath Set” came with two “unmarked” skeins of medium weight cotton yarn – one in off white and the other in lime green.

It also came with a set of patterns with instructions for either crocheting or knitting a washcloth, a soap bag and a headband. This also marked the second kit that is at an Intermediate level. The first was my second kit “Kit 2:  Steppin Out Poncho Review“. In addition to mastering the stitches of the chain (The Chain Stitch), single crochet (The Single Crochet), double crochet (The Double Crochet) you will have two added challenges for your adventure;

The first – by completing the three projects you will gain experience in crocheting both in rows and rounds. The second is that you will be making two tassels for the soap bag. I love when a pattern calls for some added embellishments. Not a lot, just enough to add some distinctive and stylish elegance to a project. The only added tool I will need is my G crochet hook.

Do you have any special Mother’s Day Gifts planned? If so I would love to hear about your ideals.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.