The seed stitch is an easy stitch to learn and creates a strong fabric. It is a great stitch for dish cloths, bags, blankets and projects that need durability.

Before learning this stitch you will need to have mastered the single crochet (Single Crochet) and the chain stitch The Chain Stitch). If this is the case with you then let’s get started. All you will need is a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.

Seed Stitch Tutorial:

I started with a foundation row of 9 single crochets.  This will count for row one.

Row 2:


Step 1: Single crochet in first stitch. (pictured above)


Step 2: ch 1 (pictured above)


Step 3: Skip the next stitch and single crochet in the stitch. (Crochet this pattern across to the last single crochet). This should give you five single crochet and five chain one spaces.  (pictured above)

Row 3:  

Step 1: Chain 1, turn your work


Step 2: Single crochet in the first single crochet and the chain one space.  (pictured above)
Step 3: Chain 1,  (pictured above)


Step 4: Skip the next stitch and Single crochet in next chain one space, chain 1, (pictured above)

Repeat across to last 2 single crochet, skip next single crochet, single in last single crochet.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desire length.

Congratulations, you have just completed the pattern for the seed stitch.

You can see now how easy this pattern was to learn, and how pretty it looks. Would love to hear how you like it.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.