This has been a week to finish up some scarves The first being the Red Heart Swerve Yarn scarf. (Pictured above) This particular scarf was crocheted by hand (with out a hook) using my fingers and literally was finished in four minutes and twenty five seconds. This would be a great pattern to use for any last minutes gifts.

You unwind the yarn, fold in half and then precede to draw through loops around the size of the palm of your hand. It was that simple. I believe this would be a great pattern to induce young crocheting to the art. It is quick, requires no hook and produces a scarf when you are done. I could see my self using this to help get the younger generation started on their own journey in crocheting.


The second scarf was from Red Heart Sassy Fabric collection. Technically, it was not yarn -it was fabric, but it was crocheted. I will be writing more on this later, as I plan on doing a tutorial on this scarf later this month and will talk more of it at that time.

Other projects I am working on for this month is the Annie’s Hook & Needle club project. This is the “Elegant Table Runner”. I am over half way done with it and should post the review on it next Monday. When I am finished with this I will start the Waffle pillow pattern and post the Crochet Along.

The last project is the shawl I am crocheting to wear for Easter. It is crocheted in flower motifs that are then connected into strips and then crocheted together to create the shawl. I am excited about the project and am anxious to see the end results.

As you can see I have a lot of crocheting to keep me busy the next few weeks. Would love to hear about some of your projects.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.