First I would like to say I was really happy with the end results of the “Weekend Little Lamb Sweater”. The thick texture is perfect for cold wintery days for our little bundles of joy. The sweater was crocheted with a K hook and utilizing the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), the single crochet (Single Crochet), and the double crochet (Double Crochet) stitches to create a a close stitched thick fabric.

The pattern was rated “Easy” for skill level, but I would have to state that it would be on the higher scale of Easy. I do not know if it was because of the struggle I had with the flu while crocheting it or if it was the pattern, but I had some difficulty in following exactly where I was to attach the yarn and start crocheting the next part. If I could suggest anything to Annie’s, it just might be that by adding some diagrams, it could really be helpful when constructing the sweater. Other than that, the instructions on the rows on the body and the sleeves were easy to follow and concise.

There is an 18 inch zipper that needed to be fastened on the back of the sweater. My Pastor’s wife very graciously agreed to do the sewing attachment for me. I crocheted this sweater for a women in our church who just gave birth to a beautiful little girl, and wanted to make sure it was sewn correctly and looked nice when it was finished. So I decided to ask for help knowing that sewing is not one of my strong suits.

The kit came with three skeins of 100% polyester yarn, two patterns; one for knitting and one for crocheting and an 18 inch zipper. All the skeins are unmarked which will make it impossible for crocheting this project a second time using the same yarn. In addition to the K crochet hook, I needed to provide a tapestry and sewing needle and matching sewing thread in order to complete the project.

The kit produced a really attractive sweater but I would have to rate this kit a seven based on the problem with reading the pattern and the fact that the yarn came in unmarked labels. I am glad that the patterns have not been a major problem with Annie’s Hook & Needle club, they have mostly been relatively easy to follow and enjoyable to crochet.

Looking forward to my next mystery kit that should be mailed by the end of the month. I am already wondering what it will be.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.