February brought my fourteenth kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club. I can’t believe my membership is moving well into my second year of kits. This is the first time that I was only half way through one kit when the other one arrived. As you may recall, January was a slow month of crocheting for me. I will make sure this is the one and only time this happens. The February kit is a quick one, and should make up in a day or two.

The Pocket Scarf is a perfect kit for February chilly winter winds. The yarn is a variegated yarn of fine sport weight (2) and is made of 100% Acrylic. The yarn labels are in a unmarked brand, which I am beginning to think is a common occurrence with the kits. What this means is if I really like the yarn I will be unable to purchase any more because of matching difficulties This is my number one complaint with the club. In some instances if I really like something, I enjoy duplicating additional ones for my friends. Even though I do have the pattern, I will not be able to find the same yarn.

The kit is marked easy and is composed of the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), single crochet (Single Crochet)and the double crochet

(Double Crochet). Making this a perfect pattern for a beginner crocheter. To complete the scarf you will also need an N hook and a tapestry needle.

I was wanting to add some scarves to my wardrobe so I am excited to have received some scarf patterns in the club. I am looking forward to not only crocheting my new Pocket Scarf but wearing it hopefully in time for Valentine’s day.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.