I received this cute little tea pot and cup set from a dear friend at Christmas. With this sudden cold blast of sub-zero weather I have really been enjoying my new gift. The cup is 12 ounces and the little tea pot holds 19 ounces making this little set the perfect size as it allows me to drink my three cups in the morning.

Now for the reason I am sharing this gift with you. After looking through my patterns for a tea cosy I discovered that they were all for tea pots of a larger sizes. I was wondering if there was anybody who would know where I could locate a crochet pattern for a tea cosy for a 12 ounce tea pot. My tea pot is approximately 38cm in circumference and 11cm tall. It could be free or one that I need to purchase, either would be fine.

You could either post below, or send me an email at

Thanks for you help, and until next time, keep those hooks flying.