I AM LOOKING – BUT I CAN NOT FIND IT! How often I had told myself these words early in my crocheting life. I knew it was easier to pull the center strand out when I was crocheting, but sometimes half of my skein would be in a pile on the floor if I chose to pull from the wrong end. I knew yarn companies wanted me to use their yarn, so why did they make some mystifying deep dark secret to this problem? I used to think this was the price I had to pay to enjoying crocheting something. The best word I can think of to describe my feelings with this experience is frustration.

Then one day I realized that I just did not understand how the companies had constructed the skein. I mean, it was done uniformly as it was wrapped around on a machine. So they all had to basically be the same didn’t they? I just needed to solve the puzzle. The following is what I discovered once I really began to look at the individual strands on the skeins and not just the skein as a whole.

There are some simple tricks to finding both ends of the skein. I’ll start with the easiest one first.

Outer End of a Skein


The outer end will be in one of two spots. By finding this end first, it will make it easier for you to locate the other end. The first place you will want to look is on either end of the skein, if you see a strand of yarn tucked into one of the ends then just pull it out. That is your outer end. (pictured above)


If it is not there, carefully remove your yarn label and you should see it safely tucked under. Now that is the easy end to find. Let’s explore and see how to find the inner end. (pictured above)

Center End of a Skein


I have found over the years there are basically three ways to find the center pull strand of a skein of yarn. First you will want to look on your label. Some labels (but not all) will have the information on the label. (A) being the outer strand and (B) being the center strand as shown in the picture above. 

If your label is without information of where you center pull strand is located then there is a second avenue to finding it. First you locate your outer strand and look on the opposite end of where it is located and you will find the center pull strand. They are always on opposite ends. This is the reason I always look for my outer one first.

If both of these method have failed you I am afraid you might have one of those skeins where you might have do a little digging to find the end. In that case, you will want to find the outer end first and then move to the opposite end. Then proceed with the following steps:


1. Insert your finger and thumb and try to pull out only the center section of yarn. You will know when you have only the middle section because there will be only one strand of yarn coming from the skein.  (pictured above)


2.  If the center pull strand is not visible, you must pull the pile of yarn in opposite directions and the center pull strand will be visible. (pictured above)

Note: If you pulled out more yarn then you meant to, I suggest you take the time to wrap the yarn back around the skein to help prevent tangling while you are looking for the end strand.

After unraveling the steps I needed to locate my skein ends, my crocheting journey has become more enjoyable. If you have any tips or techniques you would like to share to make crocheting fun, please share them with us. I am sure all the readers would find them useful, I know that that I would.

Until next time, Keep those hooks flying.