Renewing, beginning…restart…commence…open…there is something refreshing and optimistic about these words, especially when it comes to a new year. 2014 is new, still spotless and unmarred, full of possibilities and dreams, a time to commit to life changes and learning. This is how I personally try to approach the onset of an upcoming new year. At this time last year I was kicking around the idea of teaching my gray matter a new and useful skill. As a result I want to share with you and look back on 2013 in what was a new journey in my life, my first year of blogging.

It has been an incredible year for Crochet with Passion. Since this is my first year of blogging and I do not know many people who do blog; I cannot really tell you if I am succeeding or not. I would like to share with you today how the first year went and tell you that I am happy with the result. It has been a year full of learning not only from the things that I did succeed at, but also from my failures.

The most challenging obstacle I had to overcome was learning the technology end of blogging. I am not exactly tech savvy. I would like to take this time to thank my son, who has majored in computers and who was very patient with me while I learned and gleaned from him. He also took time to answer all my endless questions every time I hit a snag. Thank you all for overlooking my errors as I learned.

That being said, first I will start with the statistics:

We are ending the year with 1082 followers in 115 countries that visited my site.

The top five countries that visited my sight: The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

The most visited post this year was: “How to Sell Your Crochet Items.”

How many views this year: 20,758

Total comments for the year: 430

The most useful skill I learned this year: “How to insert a Hyperlink.”

Crochet with Passion is shared through the web sight itself, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The Crochet with Passion web sight is what I mainly focus on.

In addition to the weekly posts from the web sight, I also post free patterns and anything on Facebook (specifically) that I might find related to crocheting. I also post links to my sister’s blog on cake decorating. I started in September with a series I called “A Blast from the Past” where I repost older posts on Facebook and Twitter. This has been helpful for people who have not been with me from the beginning.

I also post current links from my web sight on Twitter in addition to more detailed tweets about my crocheting habits. I also post ‘share’ links from other blogs that I liked on Twitter.. Twitter receives the least amount of my attention, mostly because of time.

You will find links to Facebook and Twitter on the side bar to the right of this post.

Pinterest also has boards for most of my blog posts, in addition to a board for patterns and organizing ideas. I have include a link to it below. ( )

2013 also marked the grand opening of my first online store “Crochet’s by Pamela”. ( Crochet’s By Pamela) I post featured items from the store on Facebook and Twitter. Right now my inventory is small, but I am anticipating much growth with the upcoming year.

Annie’s Hook & Needle Club was a big part of Crochet with Passion this year, so big in fact, that I gave the topic its own post. I have included the link for those of you that have missed it last week. (First Year Review )

Crochet Master Book:

It pains me to say I only finished two projects from the book. I am promising myself that next year I will devote more time to crocheting in the Crochet Master Book. I would like to push myself to the next level in my crocheting skill and see exactly what my fingers can really do.

The two projects I finished were the “Princess of Wales Memorial Tartan” (The Woven Crochet – Part 2) and the “Lilacs and Roses” baby afghan (Double ended Hook – Baby Afghan).

On Crochet with Passion there were many tutorial’s this year on various stitches and techniques, and I am in the process of learning how to more effectively use videos tutorials. I also crocheted many projects this year, any one of which you can find links for in the many pages found on this web sight.

I started a new series this year called “Crocheting through the Holidays” that I really enjoyed writing. Only next year I believe I will start it in September. I think an earlier start date will enable more people to participate.

On a more personal note, 2013 welcomed in my fourth grand daughter, giving us a total of five grandchildren. I also celebrated my eighteenth year of marriage to my wonderful hubby and my forty-ninth birthday. My husband and I spent the summer riding through different state parks and around our home town, having a wonderful time exploring the country side at a slower pace. All and all it has been a wonderful year growing one year older with my husband and our family.

On this New Year Day I am excited about the upcoming year and all that it can bring. I already have my post idea for the fist three months swirling around my head, and last part of January I will have my first interview with a mystery guest. I also would like to see more tutorial’s on free patterns this year, in addition to the Annie’s Hook & Needle club reviews. Definitely more stitches and technique tutorials and posts about what I am crocheting.

In the first part of the year I plan on crocheting a “Prehistoric Pal” afghan for my grandson. It is full of dinosaurs, which is a great find for me, as he is discovering a love and fascination for them I am hoping to encourage. I also would like to make next year the year I perfect crocheting the Filet technique. I plan on doing this by crocheting among other things, a table runner that measures 27 “ by 43” from the ‘Crochet Masters” pattern book. I am expecting this to take a good portion of the year. Knowing myself as I do, I easily see myself taking breaks from a project that uses this size thread and hook.

On Crochet with Passion I am also am starting a series in January called “Crochet Along with Me” In which I will take you step by step through a project pattern. This way we can crochet together – In the first three months we are crocheting pillows and this pattern is created by Red Heart. My main focus of the first project will be how to read the pattern. I am sharing the link to the post explaining this.


You will receive regular updates from Crochet with Passion in bi-weekly posts. On Mondays will be more of what I am crocheting, and on Wednesdays I will write a tutorial on something to help with your crocheting journey. It is my goal to share my love of crocheting in such a way that inspires others to follow in my quest to develop more in skill and love towards the art of crocheting.

If there is something you are interested in please let me know. I am open to any thoughts or suggestions.
I am hoping this will be the first of many years for Crochet With Passion and would enjoy your company as we grow together. Is there a crocheting technique or stitch you would like to know better next year? Something you have just been dying to try? Or maybe you would just like to focus on the crocheting in general? Please share, I would love to share in your excitement as we start 2014 with a new journey into the wonderful world of Crocheting.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year and until next week keep those hooks flying.