I finished the year 2013 with a project that brought new experiences in my crocheting journey. In all the years I have been crocheting this was my first time the pattern required me to place a lining inside a purse. It was new territory for me, but I love branching out and trying new techniques.

When I first looked at the pattern I was thinking the purse might be to big for the handles as I told to crochet a nine inch row to fit a seven inch handle. After crocheting a few rows I was relieved to I discovered that the tightly stitched pattern of front and back post half double crochet cause the fabric to shrink down to fit the handle. The pattern produced a nice heavy texture that is perfect for giving the purse the needed support to hold it’s shape while using it. In addition to the post stitches you will need to be familiar with the chain (The Chain Stitch) and single crochet (Single Crochet) and have an H and J hook ready to go.

The crochet pattern was ranked easy and was very readable and crocheted quickly. However when I got to the step when I had to insert the lining,(pictured below) I was hoping there were diagrams for people who, like me, are novices when it comes to the sewing end of things. I believe some pictures would have been easier with what they wrote to make it clearer more user friendly and I would not have questioned myself quite so much.


I was fortunate to have the help of a lady in my church who had lots of experience with this to take me through the lining process step by step. I could have done it on my own, but I know it would not have looked as nice because she showed me little tricks that helped the lining to lay smoother and give it a nicer appearance. I took lots of pictures of this since I am planning to have a tutorial in the future and she has agreed to assist me to ensure everything is correctly related to our crocheters.

In addition to the two bamboo handles with end rings, the fabric, and magnetic snap, the kit came with two unmarked skeins of variegated yarn. I would strongly suggest you take the time to roll the yarn into balls as both skeins were a tangled mess when I first pulled the yarn out from the middle. Yet once I rolled them into balls, it was very pleasant and easy to work with. I was really pleased with the end affect.

I really delighted in this project once I got working on it. Crocheting with two strands at a time, the purse worked up quickly in two afternoons. The timing was great as I was looking for a small purse to carry just to church on Sundays. I would have to get different yarn and handles for my personal flavor, still I could see myself crocheting this again in the future as a quick project for a last minute gift.

Because of the lack of diagrams about the assembly of the purse, and the yarn being unmarked, I am going to rate this kit an 8. But I am grateful for this new life’s journey as I now feel more confident if I ever to see a pattern for a lined purse or tote bag. I joined Annie’s Hook and Needle Club to push myself to try projects that I might have never chosen to do. if I was choosing – I may not have been drawn to it because of the sewing.  It has come as a surprise to me at how much I am enjoying crocheting projects that added a little sewing.  I am scolding myself for not have trying them sooner.

Do not forget in January I will be doing my first “Crochet Along with Me”. We will be crocheting some pillows, I have added the link here with all the information. (Introduction) If you are having trouble reading crochet patterns then you will want to be sure and join me as the main focus will be on how to read the pattern as I take you through the process step by step.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.-