(First, I would like to state, that the first year of reviews found on my web sight is my opinion.  I am, at this time in my life, not associated in way with Annie’s Hook & Needle club.  This is based on an opinion based on my years of experience as a crocheter and a teacher.)

My first year with Annie’s Hook and Needle club has really been an enjoyable adventure. This is part one of “My Year in Review’ and next week I plan on writing about my first year in blogging, but because Annie’s was such a big part of my first year’s journey I decided to write a post just about my first year’s experience with them first.

I am happy with the kits I received from Annie’s Hook and Needle Club these past months. Out of the twelve projects so far, eleven were rated easy and one was rated intermediate. This was a perfect situation for me, because one of the reasons I joined was to have some easy and quick projects to work so I could take a break from my harder, more difficult ones.

Crochet with Passion posted twice about each kit, once when I received the kit and once for a review after the kit was completed. In addition to posting reviews on all the projects, I also posted tutorial’s on all the basic and specialty stitches. By doing this I thought it would help ensure the success of any beginner crocheters who has joined me in crocheting these projects.

It is my understanding that everyone receives the “Scarves” for the first kit. However, after that everyone randomly receives different kits through out their membership.

First I would like to share the links of each of my kits that I wrote about and then I would like to share my impression of my year in the Annie’s Hook & Needle club.

Kit 1: Scarves

Kit 1:  Scarves Review

Kit 1:  Scarves Review Part 2

Kit 2:  Steppin Out Poncho

Kit 2:  Steppin Out Poncho Review

Kit 3:  Learn a Stitch Dishcloth

Kit 3:  Learn a Stitch Dishcloth Review

Kit 4:  Easy Spring Time Hats

Kit 4:  Easy Spring Time Hats Review

Kit 5:  Lovely Lattice Vest

Kit 5:  Lovely Lattice Vest Review

Kit 6:  Woven Table Runner

Kit 6:  Woven Table Runner Review

Kit 7: Pacific Place Settings

Kit 7:  Pacific Place Settings Review

Kit 8:  A Basket of Sunflower Coaster

Kit 8:  A Basket of Sunflower Coaster Review

Kit 9:  Metallic Scarves

Kit 9:  Metallic Scarves Review

Kit 10:  Uptown Beret and fingerless Mitts.

Kit 10:  Uptown Beret & Fingerless Mitts Review

Kit 11:  Sugar & Spice Baby Gift Set

Kit 11: Sugar & Spice Baby Gift Set Review

Kit 12:  Weekend Getaway Purse

Secondly, I have had a few people ask me how I determined the rating for each kit. When I first started the blog and decided to review the club I wrote a few things to base my reviews on. I wanted to try to keep ratings as consistant as I could.

The most important thing for me – is and always has been the pattern. Is it easy to follow and understand? For me, if the pattern is unreadable the project will more than likely not be completed. This one portion of the rating would receive five points based on the outcome. I can tell you there were two times I was unsure of the directions, and when I called Annie’s pattern service number, they returned my call promptly and were very helpful in helping me understand the pattern directions.

Secondly, the yarn in the kit could receive three points. One point – if the yarn was easy to work with and one for if I could repurchase the yarn and crochet the project again. Annie’s did have a few kits that had unmarked labels that made it impossible for me to go and buy the yarn if I really liked it. The last point was for if there was enough yarn and material to finish the pattern.

I tried hard to keep personal preferences out of my ratings except for two points that I considered important. They were; is this project some thing I would crochet again and was I happy with the overall look of the finished project? These two ratings were the only ones based on my likes and dislikes and each was valued at one point each. We all have different taste and likes, and it would very unfair to you and Annie’s for me to put a high value on these two items. For example, my favorite kit this year was the Steppin Out Poncho, for others it might be the Sunflower Basket. So I tried to pick areas I thought the majority of crocheters would be concerned with for completing each kit.

Using this rating scale, the lowest possible score being a 0 and the highest being a 10. A zero was given if everything was totally unusable and a 10 if I was completely happy with the outcome. There was never a 0 score, in fact the lowest was a 8 and the highest being a 10.

This is basally my grading scale and if you have any suggestion for other things I should grade on, please share, it is possible there is something important for you I may need to consider.

Now for my impressions of the first year being in the Annie’s Hook & Needle Club.

As I mentioned earlier, all the kits were on the skill level of easy except for the Steppin Out Poncho. Because of this, it is my opinion that this would be a great club for a new crocheter who would like to improve their skills. The patterns are for the most part, easy to read, crocheted with the basic stitches and splashed with a few specialty stitches to slowly push a beginner to the next level. However for myself, joining the club was to give me small but not overwhelming projects to crochet between my larger more complicated ones. Secondly, and finally I wanted to crochet some items that maybe I would not have picked myself.

Out of the twelve kits I received I kept seven of them for my personal use. Three of the kits were given away for gifts, and two went into my gift box. I keep a box of crochet items to give away for future gifts. The Metallic Scarf Kit I have crochet four times since receiving the pattern and is a favorite. Almost all of my friends and family have expressed an interest in having one.

In conclusion, I would like to say I am glad I decided to join the Annie’s Hook and Needle club. Is it all stuff I can use? Probably not. I have been crocheting for many years, and was being drawn to the same projects. I wanted to try new things without buying a lot of different patterns books, so the club served its purpose for me.

Until next time, Keep those hooks flying.