There is an old quote that says “If you cease to learn – you cease to grow”. This is something I truly believe. I always push myself to learn new things, to exercise my brain matter so to speak so I am always ready to go on unexplored path. Thats why I am so excited!!! Annie’s Hook & Needle club is helping me go on a new adventure this month. Wait, wait, I know I am getting ahead of myself again.

December brings with it my twelfth kit from the Annie’s Hook & Needle Club – the Weekend Getaway Purse. I am delighted about this month’s kit because it will be a nice project after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas crocheting. A project just to relax, enjoy and crochet with no dead lines to meet. Crocheting with a dead line is some times necessary but is one of my least favorite part of this wonderful craft.

The Weekend Getaway Purse is a easy skill level pattern that came with two pattern versions, a knit and crochet. I will be working the crochet pattern. The kit came with two skeins of unmarked variegated yarn, 1/4 yard of fabric, 1 magnetic snap and 1 set of 5-inch bamboo handles with end rings.

To complete this project I need to provide an H and J crochet hook, tapestry needle, sewing needle and matching sewing thread for the fabric that was provided.

Have you guessed yet that I will be inserting a lining in the purse once it is crocheted? This will be my new adventure in crocheting. In all the years I have been crocheting I have never been required to put a lining in a bag or purse. But I am looking forward to learning.

Fortunately, I have a lady in church who is very good at this who is willing to show me the proper way this is done. I think I could do it on my own but thought it would be better to have someone show me, this way I will not pick up any bad habits that I will later need to break.

There are no specialty stitches in this pattern unless you count inserting the hook in the front and back loop. The basic stitches that you will need to know are the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), half double crochet (Half Double Crochet) and single crochet (Single Crochet).

I am excited about this project and impatiently await the end of the Christmas holiday. What projects do you have planned after the Christmas Season? Will they be for yourself or someone dear to you?

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.