Picot’s are lovely round shape crochet stitches that comes in handy if you would like a simple but delicate edging on your pattern. The picot is generally used for an edging but I have also seen it in the middle of a filet and used frequently in thread patterns. This is a great simple way to finished your work and it has an elegant effect.

To complete this stitch you must know the chain (The Chain Stitch) and the single crochet (Single Crochet) stitches. It you do not know these stitches I would suggest that you review these stitches first and then come back to this tutorial. I have included the links for you.

A Picot can be made with any number of chains, I am working the tutorial by crocheting a chain 3.

Picot Stitch Tutorial:

Note: Because this stitch is usually an worked as an edge, I will be crocheting the first row as 10 single crochet, with one single crochet in the second row before I work the first Picot.


Step 1: chain three. (pictured above)


Step 2: Slip stitch in the first chain. (pictured above)

Note: if you are not sure where the third chain is just count back three chains back from the hook.

Congratulations, you have just crocheted your first small Picot stitch.

If you have not crocheted this edging before you should give it a try. I believe you will be happy with the end results. If there is a tutorial you would like to see, please let me know. You never know what you might see on Crochet With Passion.

Until next week keep those hooks flying.