Early in my journey of “Crochet with Passion” web sight, I posted a small tutorial on Filet Crochet technique. I would like to take this time to revise the earlier post since I did not post pictures or give many tips and details about the technique.

In the upcoming year I plan on crocheting a filet table runner in the Crochet Masters book and wanted to take the time to post a better tutorial on this technique. This will be the first of six tutorial that I will post to help a crocheter in preparing for all aspects of crocheting the Filet patterns.

First some things you might want to know.

1. Filet crochet can be worked with any thickness of thread, but is most often done with thread.
2. Filet crochet is most often worked from a graph but once in while you could see a pattern in written form.

3. The Filet patterns are created by crocheting solid and open spaces or mesh (both terms are correct),

4. The word Filet means net and it is worked by using a combination of chains (The Chain Stitch, double crochets (Double Crochet), single crochets (Single Crochet), slip stitches (Slip Stitch), triple crochets (Triple/Treble Crochet ) and double triple crochets.

5. Filet crochet is an easy technique to learn and the end results are strikingly beautiful and attractive.
6. The Filet is a combination of Open and Closed blocks that form pictures, designs and/or words within your crochet fabric.

The Filet is made up by crocheting rows of squares. The open squares are called spaces or a mesh and the filled in squares are called blocks. For the filet we are crocheting today you only need to know two basic stitches to work an open filet Mesh, the ch (The Chain Stitch) and dc (Double Crochet).

Today we will be covering the “Open Mesh” which is formed by a double crochet, a ch-2 and a double crochet. I will be working a tutorial on how to crochet the foundation row and how to continue in the following rows for working the Open Spaces/Mesh.

This is a general instruction for doing a filet pattern. It is not the actual pattern for a project. This is also the general instruction for a Filet, it can change from pattern to pattern.

Tutorial – How to Crochet a Basic Filet (Open Spaces/Mesh)

Note: This tutorial is based on working a 4 double crochet mesh.

Foundation Row: You need to crochet a multiple of 3 chains + 5

Row 1: Foundation Row

Note:  I crocheted a beginning chain of 17 for the tutorial


Step 1: (How to begin your foundation row) dc in the 8th chain from hook – This forms your first Open Space/Mesh (pictured above)

Note: The first 5 chains (3 chains for the turning chain, which also counts as the first double crochet at the beginning of the row, plus 2 chains for the top chains of the open mesh).

Note: When counting stitches on a chain, remember that the loop on the hook and the beginning slip knot is never counted.


Step 2: Chain 2, skip 2 chains, then work a double crochet into the next chain. (pictured above)


Step 3:  Repeat this across till you come to the end. (pictured above)

Row 2:


Step 1: (How to begin each row form after your foundation row) chain 5, (which counts as your turning chain + chain 2) skip 2 chains, then work a double crochet into the next chain.  (pictured above)

Note: This will form your first open space/mesh


Step 2: Chain 2, skip 2 chains, then work a double crochet into the next chain. Repeat this across till you come to the last Open Space/Mesh. (pictured above)


Step 3: Chain 2, skip 2 chains, then work in a double crochet in the top of your turning chain.

Repeat row 2 until you have desired length.

I would like to take the mystery out of the Filet crochet and help crocheter’s to realize how easy this technique really is. I am hoping this tutorial was helpful, and am planning in the up coming year to post additional tutorials on the closed blocks, increasing and decreasing while working a filet, the Lacet stitch and how to work from a chart.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.