There are three widows in our church who are all avid readers, so this year for their birthdays I decided to crochet them each a book marker. One birthday was at the beginning of the year with the Birdhouse book marker (Birdhouse Bookmarker) and the last birthdays are at the end of the year. Today I will be writing about the birthday gift that was in October when I crocheted a book marker called “The Secretary Book Marker”.

Before I write about the pattern, I would like to share one of the many embarrassing moments in my life. I am confessing to you all today that I am one of those people who have no skill or talent when it comes to growing plants. I can just look at them and I can see them screaming with terror at the prospect of having me care for them. Back in June a dear friend of mine gave me and my hubby a beautiful green plant with tiny blue flowers on it for our anniversary. I just smiled and thanked her knowing that the next time she came to our home that it would probably be dead, knowing my history. I took the plant home and faithfully watered it weekly and set it in the sunlight, praying that this time my efforts would have a different outcome. I could not believe it! Over a month later it still had green leafs and blue flowers and nothing was dying. I stood in disbelief. Then one day when I was watering the plant I moved some of the moss at the base of the plant only to discover a huge styrofoam ball!! I had been watering a very real looking artificial plant. It was one of those moments where I felt like a complete nincompoop.

I am sharing this story because the lady I am crocheting this book marker for and myself share something in common, neither of us seem to have the gift for keeping plants alive. That does not mean we do not enjoy the natural beauty of a summer prairie. I love taking in the splendor of God’s creation when my hubby and I are out bicycling or hiking through the national parks. So I chose this design for her so that she could experience the beautiful hues of flowers without going through the struggle and stress of trying to keep them alive. I was right, she wrote me back a thank you note assuring me that it was the right call. I am better with yarn than seed

I also know that the title of this post is a little misleading, it is neither Secretary’s Day , (which is on April 23) nor was this book marker crocheted for a secretary. Still, that was the name that was listed with this pattern.


I crocheted the book marker using a variety of different crochet threads, all size 20. Do not ask me the name or brand as they came out of my “stash from the past” minus labeling. I can tell you the colors were green, dark blue, yellow, pink and purple. I found the pattern in the book “Special Day Bookmarks” (pictured above) and it became a lot more detailed than I had originally thought. It took me around a week to finish it. The pattern required a size 8 steel hook and the stitches used for crocheting included the triple treble cluster (Three Triple Crochet Cluster), chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), double crochet (Double Crochet), and slip stitch (Slip Stitch).

First I crocheted a green pole like piece and then each of the flowers individually . The flowers were next arranged on the pole and sewn in place. This was an enjoyable project although I do not know if I would like to do it again under a deadline. I am hoping my friend will use it and think fondly of me when she sees it.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.