I do not normally post things like this, but after I read this I just could not resist.  Hope it will brings a smile to your face.

By Cindy Long

‘Twas al most the holidays, and all through the house, were crocheted decorations, which annoyed my spouse.

I lovingly made the stockings, ev’ry stitch with care,
A crocheted garland hung off the back stair.

The kids were all nestled, all snug in their beds,
wearing crocheted pajamas, warm caps on their heads.

I cozied the tea kettle, and doilied the den,
my husband said “Honey, not this again!

Every year it’s the same, and it’s bound to get worse.
Crochet all over!” Then he started to curse.

My fervor begins about mid- September,
I start to make gift lists for all I remember.

I grab up my purse and head to the store,
I buy all the yarn and I order some more.

As December approaches I work in high gear,
I’ll never finish it all, I fear.

I stitch and I hook and I make things with yarn,
I make more of a mess than a pig in a barn!

My husband is wondering where it all ends,
I’ve no time for housework and no time for friends.

The holidays were meant for families and fun,
But I’ve suddenly turned into Attila the Hun.

I’ve got to get finished, I’m frantic, you see,
These crocheted gifts are too much for me.

When what to my wondering eye did appear,
Was a calendar showing my deadline was near,

A scarf for Aunt Marci, a trivet for Mom,
A sweater for Huffy and our neighbor Tom.

An afghan, a stocking adorned with an elf,
A pair of warm mittens (and a hat for myself).

Wonder of wonders, I finished it all,
The whole list of gifts I began last fall.

They’re wrapped and they’re ready to put in the mail,
I promise to start early next year, without fail!