We are now approaching the end of November and that means 26 days until Christmas. I am not where I thought I would be, but I am confident I will have all my projects completed. I needed a break from working on the afghan, so I switched to one of my other projects. I started and finished a fashion scarf, now I am ready to finish the afghan.

My crocheting inventory for the last 30 days includes the following:


I crocheted 3/4 of the Plaid Afghan for my daughter and son in law: (pictured above). I have finished the filet part of the Afghan and most of the strips and am about half-way through the weaving. I am really amazed at the look of the finished product. It is looking so good, that I would love to duplicate one for my own house.


I finished the book marker for an avid reader in our church. (pictured above). I decided to crochet an hairpin lace stitch that came out beautiful. This was one I have done before and knew I could crochet quickly and without any struggle. When I am this close to a deadline, I always pick a few easy projects that would be appropriate to crochet with my more larger and harder ones.

In addition to my Christmas projects, last week my husband asked me to crochet something for a visiting missionary family. Since I already had the pattern out, I had decided to crochet each one of the five girls a book marker for their Bibles. I used the same hairpin lace pattern with different yarn for each bookmarked which made for a colorful assortment. Will post pictures of these later.

Have you ever been working on a project and just really needed a break from it, but at the same time could not really afford to take the time off? I found myself in this situation yesterday. So while we were sitting around enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday I switched to a different path. I picked a project from my December list to work on.


In the past few weeks I have received many compliments for my Metallic Scarves, (Kit number 9 from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club) so I decided to crochet one for a friend of mine. (pictured above) I hurriedly searched through my yarn stash and found some yellow yarn that would be perfect. It was an easy pattern that I was able to crochet smoothly in by the end of Thursday.

This is one of the things I love about crocheting, it is so portable I can take it anywhere I go. If I have a small project, like a scarf, I can crochet while talking around a table or sitting in my favorite chair in the living room watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” with my grandchildren. It is definitely a take anywhere craft.

So today, at month’s end, I am feeling like I had a very productive 30 days needlework. I am not where I planned to be when I imagined this challenge on November first, but all and all I am happy with the accomplishments so far. This weekend I am planning on finishing the plaid afghan, which will free up my time for me to finish working on my December projects.

In addition to my Christmas projects, I have crocheted my Annie’s Hook and Needle club kit this month.  Annie’s sent me the “Uptown Beret and Fingerless Mitts”.  I have included the link to the review about this project for those of you who would like to know more about it.  (Kit 10:  Uptown Beret & Fingerless Mitts Review)

Would love to hear how your projects are coming – if you have a blog of your own with projects of your Christmas gifts recorded on it, or your just in my on-line neighborhood Paste a copy of your link below, would love to share in your progress. Or just leave a comment below, it encourages me to know that others are out there crocheting with the same dead line I am — December 25, 2013.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.