I am in need of some throw pillows on my couch, and when I saw these I just knew they would be perfect. I am posting the pattern today, ( ) to give everyone enough time buy the yarn and other material that is need to complete each one. I found the patterns posted on the internet so I feel free to share them with you.

Starting in January, I will be crocheting the “Buttonhold Band” pillow. Then in February I will be crocheting the “Waffle Weave” and in March the “Braided Cables”. All the patterns are at a intermediate level, but for those beginner crocheter’s that are ready to move to the next level this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. I will be posting stitch tutorials and step by step how I completed each pillow. This might be just the thing you need to help you move to a higher road on your crocheting journey.

If my local stores has the right colors, I plan on sticking to the colors required in the pattern; RedHeart Soft in Wine, Toast and Leaf. I have a light beige couch that would go perfectly with these colors. And when my hubby saw the colors he was in agreement with me. So the decision is made.

Do not stress out if you do not crochet as quickly as I do, the post will be there and you can move along at your own speed. Hoping to have a lot of crocheter’s join me as we crochet some beautiful throw pillows for our homes.

Until January, keep those hooks flying.