When I was first learning to crochet I taught myself from a book by Susan Clark “Learn to Crochet in Eight Easy Steps”. The book had great instructions and lots of step by step pictures which were very helpful. Unfortunately no system is full proof and as I learned shortly after I finished reading, I had confused the slip stitch and the single crochet (Single Crochet). Being a little bit of a perfectionist, I really wanted to learn each stitch and so I decided to take each stitch individually and crocheted an entire skien of each stitch before trying the project they had attached to each stitch. Can you guess what happened? I made a whole skein of slip stitches, thinking I was crocheting the single crochet. If you think single crochets take some time, you can imagine how long a slip stitch would take being so much smaller. Luckily when I attended a park distant crocheting club, I was shown where my error was and quickly corrected the mistake. The lesson I learned was forever set in my heart, that leaving out one little step can alter your projects significantly.

This being said we are going to be learning the slip stitch today. This is a stitch that most people learn with no problem and quickly move on to the more complicated ones. The slip stitch, even though the smallest of the stitches should not be passed over so quickly. It is  used a lot in crocheting for shaping crocheting projects such as animals and clothing, although it is not limited to the before mentioned items. If you were to crochet a wash cloth out of this stitch as I have done by mistake, it would form a dense fabric that would be great for scrubbing. We can all use more kitchen scrubbies (as they are commonly called) especially now that we know we can make them out slip stitches using of cotton yarn.

The slip Stitch also has the honor of being the earliest written stitch referenced for crocheting. It appeared in “The Memoirs of a Highland Lady” by Elizabeth Grant (1797 – 1830). What a turning point for crocheting! When we started recording our patterns and they decided to record them The slip stitch was first , before all other stitches.

With all of this in mind, the tutorial might be a short one, but it is still an important stitch to master and add to the growing list of stitches you can crochet.

Slip Stitch tutorial: (abbreviation sl st )

We will start as we always do by chaining any number of stitches. This is what is known as a foundation chain.


Step 1: Insert the hook into the 1st chain from the hook. (pictured above)

Note: Remember the chain on the hook does not count as a loop.


Step 2: Yarn over (pictured above)


Step 3:  pull through two loops.

Note:  The loop in the chain and the loop on the hook where you just yarned over.

Congratulations you have just successfully made your first slip stitch. Now practice by continuing across your chain till you come to the end.

If crocheting becomes a part of your life, this will be the first of many, many slip stitches you will make. I hope you found this tutorial useful.

Until next week, Keep those hooks flying.