I cannot believe we are within a week of Thanksgiving and in 33 days we will be celebrating Christmas morning. This has been such a productive few weeks and my nimble fingers have been flying. There is no feeling to describe how it feels to gradually watch those balls of yarn get smaller and smaller as my projects grows from a single chain into this crocheted masterpiece. The art of crocheting has always amazed me. The fact that you can take a piece of yarn or thread and maneuver it into such intricate designs that will become a piece of fabric that one day could become a family heirloom. The first time I experienced this realization my passion for crocheting had been ignited.


I know, I know, I need to get back to the subject at hand, I can so easily drift off on rabbit trails. At this week’s end I just finished part one of the “Plaid Winner” afghan(pictured above) that I was crocheting. A little bit past my original date I wanted to be at, but all and all it is still a workable time. I will still have a good chance at being able to finish my gift and get it beautifully wrapped and under our Christmas tree.

The afghan is worked by crocheting 116 rows of filet by alternating red and white. This will complete the first part of the afghan. The second half, which I will be working on next week, is to crochet 9 2 strips of chains and then to start weaving them into the filet that will cause the needed plaid effect. I am thinking this will be a gorgeous addition for my daughter’s living room.


I also finished the book marker (pictured above) I had started this month. The one that I was crocheting for my friend who is an avid reader. I decided to use a hairpin lace design. I found the pattern in the “Creative Crocheting in a Day” pattern book. The center of the book mark was made with the loom and then edged with the picot stitch. The end result was very elegant looking.

In addition to the afghan and the bookmark my husband asked me on Monday, if I could crochet something for a visiting missionary family for this Sunday Church service. I had just finish a book marker for a friend and found it worked up quickly and looked extremely beautiful. So I decided to crochet seven additional book markers for the family. As of today I have three done, and plan to finish the rest tomorrow. This should free my time for the rest of the week to work on my daughter’s afghan.

At the beginning of the week I was a little overwhelmed with being behind my crocheting schedule to finish my gifts by Christmas. But on the weeks end I am feeling so positive, part one of my daughters afghan is finished and not only the book marker for my friend; but seven additional gifts will be finished by tomorrow to give a missionary family as encouragement. So if you are behind remember, it is not over until we all set down to homemade cinammon roll and juice on Christmas morning to share our gifts of love with each other. Just keep working, you might surprise your self by completing a gift or two.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.