Sometimes unexpected detours along life’s journey can bring about much needed results that will solve a problem that you might have been unaware of. This is what happened to me when I found myself at my daughters house one day being grandma. I did not bring enough yarn to finish the project I was working on and so I started a doily with a ball of yarn left in my bag.


I started looking through a book call “Creative Crochet in a Day, “ and found the “Autumn Doily” pattern. (pictured above) It was a small project that took two days to complete. The pattern was easy, crocheted mostly using double crochet (Double Crochet) chain stitches (The Chain Stitch) and front post double crochet.(Front and Back Post Double Crochet) This actually would be a great pattern for someone who would like more experience working in rounds.

The pattern definitely put me in the mood for fall. It had leaves crocheted into a circle of chain spaces. The spine (or central vein) of the leaves was enhanced by crocheting front post double crochets making them all have a 3-D effect. Since it was an unplanned project I did not know what I would do with it until it was completed. I decided that it would make a very nice addition to my living room, and placed it immediately on my end table by my couch. The dash of color on the wooden table really give the whole room some added warmth.


I had a small amount of yarn left over and so I quickly crocheted some miniature granny squares and placed them in a chest that I keep all my tiny squares in. (pictured above) When I have 760 of them, I will have enough for an afghan. Since each motif requires approximately two yards of yarn, I only use small balls of yarn that I can not do mush else with.  Because I only use left over yarn, this usually takes anywhere from twelve to eighteen months to accumulate.

This just goes to show you that even unplanned projects can end up being very beneficial in the end.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.