We are counting down to Christmas and today we have 55 days left. If you have done the first two assignments we both should have our Christmas gift list done and have the yarn for at least two of the projects.

Links to first two assignments below:



I thought it would be easier to explain to you how I set up a work schedule to ensure a gift is done in time and then from my example you can apply it to yourself.

In all honesty I should have started my projects on September 1, but circumstances this year would not allow it. So you may not be the only procrastinator out there- plus I do have a plan to help get those gifts under the Christmas tree in time.




(picture taken from “Afghans for All Seasons”)



(piture taken from “Creative Crochet in a Day”)

I will be starting my with an Afghan and book marker. (pictures above) The afghan has a similar technique as the Woven afghan I crocheted in the first part of the year,  (The Woven Crochet – Part 2) only smaller. It has a 117 rows to complete the filet mash and then I need to do the second step of which is the weaving to complete it. I would like it finished by the end of November so as to help me not wake up Christmas week with the project staring me down, not done. So here is how I calculate my work schedule.

My system is to use math. I take the number of rows that are needed to complete a project and divide it into the number of days I have to finish. For example: I need to crochet 117 rows to completed the mesh part of the afghan in 15 days which means I need to crochet 8 rows per days. That will leave me 15 days to weave the yarn into the filet mesh. Remember that I also chose to do a book marker this month with the afghan because it is the smallest of the projects I have on my list factoring in time and material. On days I have extra time to crochet I will work on the book marker giving me another gift to use.

I had the white yarn at home in my stash for the filet mesh and the thread for the book marker, so all I needed to purchase was the red yarn for the weaving.

Each week starting next Friday, between now and Christmas I will post how it’s progressing. I would be so encouraged to hear from you and how you are coming along in your Christmas goals. It is always motivating for me to see the other people that are accomplishing the satisfaction of making yarn into delightful surprises, especially at Christmas time.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.