This Friday and every October 11th, we celebrate- I LOVE YARN DAY. Today is the day to show your passion for yarn. There are many ways to share your love of yarn.

1. You could crochet a small gift for someone.

2. You could crochet something for charities.

3. You could take the time to teach someone else the wonderful world of crocheting. Have your first lesson on Friday.

4. Crochet in a public area – a park, senior home or a library etc.

5. Take your project to work and crochet while your eat your lunch.

6. Post on Facebook something your have just finished or are in the middle of working on.

7. Get together with someone else that loves to crochet as much as you do.

8. Buy a new yarn that you have always wanted to try. There are so many different yarns to try today.

9. Wear something that you crocheted, displaying the wonderful things you can do with yarn.

I would love to hear what you are doing to celebrate I LOVE YARN day. My husband needs a coaster for his coffee when he works at his desk. To celebrate I will be surprising him with a much need coaster for his morning coffee that I plan on making him. In addition to this, I plan on wearing a scarf I recently crocheted.  

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.