This week in one of my classes I had a student ask a question about the Sashay Ruffle Scarf. After talking to her about some of the difficulties she encountered, I decided it would be a good tutorial for my blog.

I crocheted my scarf using Red Heart Boutique Sashay in the color of Waltz/Valse using a N Hook. I thought the neutral colors of the browns and gray hues would match more of my wardrobe.

There are several free patterns from what I am reading on the internet to construct this scarf. I picked what I thought was the simplest way.

Before we start the scarf, let me advise you to roll your yarn into a nice roll. By doing this it made it so much simpler to work with the yarn. (pictured below)


Are you done? Now we are ready, go and get your hook and lets make a scarf.

Note: If you can crochet this in one sitting that would be great, but if you find you must leave your project, make sure that you use a stitch holder in you last completed stitch. You will find as you work more with this yarn that it unravels easy.


Note: I crocheted this scarf using every other hole.

Note: I only inserted my hook in the top holes only. (pictured below)


To start ; count in 3 or 4 stitches and then fold in half and insert hook in the stitch at the fold. (pictured below)



Step 1: Working from front to back, insert hook, working in every other stitch until you have 8 loops on the hook; (pictured below)


Step 2: With your crochet hook bring the 8th loop through the other 7 loops. (Pictured below)



Note: When you do this be sure to hold onto the bottom of the yarn. (PiImagetured below)


Repeat across process across until you have 6 or 7 holes left until the end.

Finishing your scarf – Keep the one stitch you have on the hook and pull the tail of the yarn through the stitch. Pull it tight, until you have a tight knot. Then clip the end so it does not show while leaving a tail at least an inch long. (pictured below)


Note: The tail will be hid by the outer ruffles.

This is an easy level pattern and is perfect for a beginning crocheter. I hope this tutorial was helpful and it will encourage you to crochet your own ruffle scarf.  

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.