Last week I decided to use up some of my spare yarn by crocheting a shawl. I picked one that was in the “The Crocheted Prayer Shawl” book. After looking through the book and looking at the amount of yarn required, I found one that I had enough yarn for. I decided to crochet an easy level pattern called the “Lattice Shawl”.

This is a good pattern for a beginner that works up quickly with a repeating pattern every four rows. The pattern consist of double crochets (Double Crochet) and the V stitch (V Stitch). With no border to work, I started working the fringe the same day I worked the last row.

I like to use the Susan Bates Fringe Maker with a rug hook instead of a crochet hook. It has a clasp that closes around the yarn, ensuring no strings will fall off while I pull it through the required stitch. (Pictures Below)


I had no real purpose in crocheting this piece except I was in-between projects and I wanted use up some of my yarn stash. So you are looking at the first project I am putting up for sale on Etsy. I was thinking when I have five items to sell I would open up an account. Wish me luck.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.