The half double crochet was the third stitch that I learned. The stitch is in-between a single crochet and double crochet in height. It is made similar to a double crochet except instead of working off two loops at a time, you draw the yarn through all three loops on the hook.

The stitch is a common stitch in crocheting and will work into a fairly tight fabric similar to that of single crochet. This is an excellent stitch for crocheting warmer afghans, scarfs and hats.

Time to get your hook and yarn so we can learn the fun new stitch.

Half Double Crochet (hdc)

Ch 12


Step 1: Wrap yarn over the hook once and insert hook into 3rd chain from hook. (pictured above)

Note: Do not count the chain on the hook.


Step 2: Wrap yarn over hook again and draw yarn thru foundation chain (This will give you three loops on the hook). (picture above)


Step 3: Wrap yarn over and draw thru all three loops on hook. You just completed your first half double crochet. This should leave you with one loop on your hook. (pitured above)


Work one half double crochet into every foundation chain. There should be 10 half double crochets when you are done.

To Begin a New Row:


Chain two for the turning chain. (The chain two at the beginning of the row counts as 1 half double crochet) Then turn your work. (pictured above)


Crochet a half double crochet in the second stitch from hook. (picture above)

Note: The chain two counts as your first stitch. This means you skip the first stitch and work your first stitch into the second stitch.

Note: The half double crochet is worked inserting your hook under the top two loops unless the pattern states otherwise.

As you work this stitch more and more I am sure you will see how enjoyable and easy it is to use in your projects.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.