When I first started teaching one of my first challenges came in my second class of teaching. A left handed student wanting to crochet in my class? The thought had never occurred to me! I was fortunate that she was not only a friend of mine, but she also was patient with my trials and errors as I learned what to do and not to do. Little did I realize how important that session became for both of us until many , many , many day past. Since then I have successfully taught many left handed students.

There are basically only two things I do different when teaching a left handed person;e

First, I Create a Mirror Image. This is very easily done by sitting across from the student you are trying to teach. Keep in mind they will hold their hook and yarn in the opposite hand from you. For example: Your hook will be in your right hand – their hook will be in their left hand.

Secondly I stand behind the student as they crochet. When I am teaching a left handed student. I always sit in front of them to show them how to do the stitch and behind them when I am guiding them through the stitches. This makes it easier for me to see what they are doing and to spot their mistakes.

This is really all you need to know. They are no special tools or skills when a right handed person is teaching a left handed person. These two techniques are proven methods and over years of teaching have worked for me and will work for you.

I would love to hear about your experiences in teaching. What worked for you and what did not. Or are you a wannabe crocheter who is left handed and gave it up because you were discouraged? Drop me a line. If you are in my area I would love to help you.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.