I have read many tutorials and have talked to a lot of people and it seems that everyone has their own opinion on the best way to achieve a good turning chain. Today I am going to share with you some tips I like to use when working my turning chain.

For those of you that are novices in crocheting, I will define a turning chain for you. Unless a pattern states otherwise a turning chain is at the beginning of every row and will take the place of the first stitch.

A turning chain is used to achieve the height required to continue working the stitches that the pattern requires. In other words you must work a turning chain that is the same height as the next stitch you are going to work.

Rule One:

The rules that I am about to share are the basic rules governing turning chains unless the pattern states otherwise. The first rule is that each stitch has a set amount of chains for it’s turning chain.
They are as follows;

Single crochet: one chain
Half double crochet: two chains
Double crochet: three chains
Triple crochet: four chains

For example if you are crocheting double crochet’s you will chain two for the turning chain.

Note: The turning chain will be based on the very first stitch you are working after the turning chain. It does not matter what stitch you worked before the turning chain.

Rule Two:

When you have finished your row, generally you will turn your work so that you can work back across your piece. At the beginning of each row is where you will work the turning chain.

Rule Three:

With the exception of the single crochet; the turning chain will always count as your first stitch. In other words, I crocheted a turning chain of three, and then worked twenty-four double crochets to complete my row. When I go back and count my stitches, the turning chain will count as my first double crochet. That will make me have twenty-five double crochets in the row.

This also means when you go back to crochet into the row of double crochets, you will also work a stitch into the top of the chain three. Remember to treat you turning chain as a stitch.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and informative.

Until next week keep those hooks flying.