The new kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club arrived over the weekend and my first thoughts was “how cute”. The pattern is for four sunflower coasters with a crochet basket to contain them.  I have always loved sunflowers.

The pattern is marked easy and consisted of chain stitches (The Chain Stitch), slip stitches (Slip Stitch), single crochet(Single Crochet) and double crochet (Double Crochet). The one challenging stitch is the treble crochet decrease. (Triple Crochet Decrease)

The yarn is once again unmarked and I am beginning to think most of the kits will be this way. Time will tell. The kit came with 3 skeins of worsted weight yarn in the colors of brown, green and yellow. The last thing included in the kit was a 6-inch metal ring which will be crocheted into the basket.

Really looking forward to starting this project. I have always enjoyed crocheting flowers. This will be my first time crocheting with a ring. It should be an interesting learning experience.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.