This month’s Annie’s Hook and Needle club kit came with enough yarn for two placemats; the pattern started with a Chainless Foundation stitch. So this weeks tutorial will be one of the three ways I am aware of for a crocheter to start a new project.

The first two techniques I have already posted tutorial’s on. The first was the traditional starting chain and then a row of single crochets. (see link The Chain Stitch) The second was the Japanese Foundation row. (see link Japanese Foundation Row) Thirdly, the post for this week I will be writing about – the foundation single crochet. The foundation single crochet (or what some like to call the chainless single crochet foundation) is a way to start a project by working the starting chain and foundation row of single crochet at the same time.

Before we begin the tutorial I would like to explain some benefits of knowing this technique:

1. A person will never have to rip everything out because they had miscounted. I know we have all been there and done that.

2.   If you like crocheting garments this is a great technique to know. Although similar in appearance it is not as tight, this is important if you do not want your garments to pucker or buckle around the beginning edge.

3. A person will not have a tight starting chain that will buckle your first row of single crochet.

Sometimes a person might crochet a starting chain that is tighter then the rest of your work, causing the foundation row to buckle. Whey you use the foundation single crochet you will have the same tension without having to adjust your hook size.

4. Sometimes it is hard to crochet into the starting chains because some people crochet them very tight. With the foundation single crochet you do not have to insert your hook into a starting chain.

5. Have you ever crocheted the traditional starting chain only to discover at the end of row one that you are a few chains short? This problem can be easily fixed by using the foundation single crochet to add stitches to the end of your row without taking the stitches out first.

Note: In addition to the single crochet you can also use this technique with the half double, double crochet and triple.

I hope by this time I got your curiousity piqued. If so go and get your yarn and hook and lets learn a new way to begin your projects.

Foundation Single Crochet Tutorial:

Step 1: Start by chaining two. (pictured below)


Step 2: Insert your hook into the second chain from your hook (which is also the first chain that was made).  (picture below)


Note: make sure you have two loops on top of the hook and one on the bottom.

 Step 3: yarn over (wrap the yarn around your hook). Then pull the yarn though one loop on your hook.  (picture below)


Note: This should leave you 2 loops on your hook

Note:   When you are working this stitch keep in mind that you are crocheting the chain stitch and single crochet at the same time.  By remembering this helps me to remember the steps.

Step 4: yarn over (wrap the yarn around your hook) Then pull the yarn though one loop on your hook.  (Pictured Below)


Note: This should leave you 2 loops on your hook.

Step 5: yarn over (wrap the yarn around your hook) Then pull the though the last 2 loops on your hook.  (Picture Below)



Note: This should leave you 1 loop on your hook)

You have just crocheted your first chain one and single crochet.

To add more single crochet stitches:

Step 6: Insert your hook under the 2 loops of the “chain” portion that was made in the previous stitch. (Pictured Below)


Note: It may be easier to see where to insert your hook if you hold your work sideways or upside down.


Repeat steps 3 – 5  to complete the stitch. You can make a row as long as you desire. This will replace the starting chain and first row of single crochets to any project you desire. (Pictured Below)

You now have your first row of Foundation Single crochet. Are you as amazed as I was when I first tried this method? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.