Before I begin my review, I would like to take this time to apologize for taking so long in responding to some of your comments. My husband and I took a holiday to Tennessee with my daughter and two grand daughters to visit my son and his family. It was such a blessing to hold for the first time the newest member of our family, a little blond haired girl. I must admit I was lax about my blog during this holiday.

Now for the review of my eighth kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle club – The Pacific Place Settings. I must take this time to make known how sorry I am that the color scheme did not fit my with my house, I really did like the color combination of the yarn. I have always been partial to sea colors. At first I thought about selling it but I have since changed my mind and decided to place it in my gift box. I would like to stay with afghans and shawls for selling.

The place settings were a very good pattern for a beginning crocheter. It was a very easy pattern to follow, and just enough of a challenge to push a new crocheter to learn a few new skills. Still it is not so hard as to make it discouraging.

The two place mats and napkin rings consist of half double crochet (Half Double Crochet), chain stitches (The Chain Stitch) and single crochet’s (Single Crochet) which should be familiar to someone who is new to the craft. The challenge would come in mastering the foundation single crochet (Foundation Single Crochet) and reverse single – which are both easy stitches to learn. The directions for both were extremely clear and easy to follow. If you remember last week I did a tutorial on the reverse single (see link Reverse Single Crochet) and tomorrow I will have one on the foundation single crochet which will be helpful for those of you who are in the club with me.

The unmarked yarn was a variegated cotton yarn that was easy to work with, except for the 4 or 5 knots that were found in the four skeins I was sent. I dislike it when I discover knots in my yarn, it just means more ends to tie in and in some cases it can hinder having enough yarn to finish a project. Not so in this case as I had yarn left over.

The entire project was used with a K hook except for the reverse single crochet border. I decided it looked better with a J hook. The K hook in combination with the cotton yarn, seemed to make the stitch too loose. After some experimenting I decided I liked the look of the smaller hook better. The finished place mat measured 13″ x 18″.

All and all I enjoyed crocheting this project and would more than likely one day repeat the project if the need arises. It would make a nice gift for a bridal shower or a house warming gift for someone who is moving into their first home.

Based on the fact that the yarn was not replaceable and that I did find a few knots in the yarn provided, I am giving this kit a rating of an eight.

If you are in the club also I would love to hear about your experience with your projects. It is my plan to crochet each kit and write about them and share it with you.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.