This week has brought with it some encouraging and exciting news first, the encouragement: I entered my baby afghan “Striped Rainbow” into the Carroll County fair. When my husband and I attended the fair on Tuesday I was pleased to see that the baby afghan had placed second. It was my first time entering a fair so it was nice surprise.

Now for the exciting news: When the lady who had placed first in the fair and I were discussing crocheting techniques one of the fair workers sat down and joined us. After talking for a while I was told they were looking for judges for next years fair and she asked me if I would be interested.

I was so excited, I would love to take part in something that would help preserve the craft I love by working with and encouraging young people to challenge themselves to do their best.

I was even more encouraged and elated to hear the fair worker tell me that crocheting and knitting is making a huge come back! She related that there has been a notable increase interest in this division (textiles) – especially among young people in our area. It is wonderful to know that something that I love doing so much will not die with my generation.

What an unexpected blessing this week has turned into.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.