I would like to share about one of the classes that I teach, a Tunisian Crochet Class. It is an eight week class in which you learn the basics and more about the art of Tunisian Crochet. I do not call this class Afghan crochet stitch class because you learn that and so much more.

In addition to the basic Afghan stitch, you will learn the Bubble Stitch, Knit Stitch, Arrow Stitch, Purl Stitch, Mock Cable Stitch, Puff Stitch and Bicolor Trebles Stitch. The last stitch will give you some hands experience in dealing with crocheting with two colors at the same time.

By the end of the eight weeks you will leave with a beautiful pillow that you can proudly display in your home.

If you ever find your self in the mid- western part of the United States I would love to have you attend my class and farther develop your skill in the art of crocheting.