The Reverse Single crochet or what some call the crab stitch is more typically used for an edging or what some refer to as a finishing stitch. It is widely used for a simple edging on afghans, potholders, pillows, washcloths, etc.. As you can see it can be used on any straight edged item to give it a simple cord like finish.

This is one of the simplest of any edging technique you would use but it is very stylish and effective when finishing a project.

All right enough chit chat. Go and gather your yarn and hook and lets get started on crocheting your first Reverse Single Crochet.

Reverse Single Crochet (rev sc or rsc) Tutorial:

Crochet 15 Single Crochet (Single Crochet) for a foundation row. Do not turn your work.

Note: Remember as you are working this stitch that the same side of the work will always be facing you. You do not turn you work to crochet this stitch.

Note: The Reversed Single crochet is worked from left to right instead of right to left.


To work the first Reverse Single crochet insert hook into the last stitch of the row you crochet.


Yarn over, around the hook and pull the yarn through the stitch.


Yarn over, and pull the yarn through both stitches on the hook. You just crocheted your first reverse single crochet.

Note: you are basically working a single crochet backwards.


Continue this process across to the end. You should now have an edging that looks like a cord. I was amazed at the effectiveness of this stitch the first time I saw it.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and helpful. Let me know how you enjoy perfecting this stitch as you add it to your growing list of stitches. See you next week as we contiune  in our journey of the wonderful world of crocheting.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.