When you have been crocheting as long as I have, it is a wonderful feeling when you come across a stitch you have never had the experience of using. If you remember a few months ago I started an afghan called “Special Stitches” which was composed of twenty squares. The first square spotlighted the Popcorn stitch which I was already familiar with. (Popcorn link Popcorn Stitch)

The second square has the Bullion stitch with the Split Single Crochet, worked in between each Bullion Stitch grouping. I have worked a Bullion Stitch before (I will be doing a tutorial on this stitch next week) but I must admit I have never heard of the Split Single Crochet. (Ssc). You could imagine my excitement at the prospect of learning a new variation of an old familiar stitch.

The first place I went to for help, was what I like to call my assistant instructor  –  more commonly known as my crocheting dictionaries. I have five Crocheting Stitches Dictionaries and encyclopedias and did not locate this stitch in any of my books! So I thought it might be a good stitch to do a tutorial and learn about as well.

Before I start the tutorial though, I would like to cover some tips that I learned that might make learning this stitch a little easier.

1. If you are experiencing difficulty in working this stitch, it might mean that you are using too small of a hook and that you might also be crocheting too tight. This is a stitch where you do not want to pull your yarn tight while you are working. In other words, loosen your tension. It is very important that you crochet as loose as possible.

2. If you do crochet this stitch too tight, your gauge might not be accurate.

3. You should be able to work this stitch just as quickly as when you are working the Single Crochet. This means if your are having trouble getting your hook into the previous row, you are crocheting to tight.

Before we get started I would like to review those five different spots you could actually work into a stitch. There is the front loop, back loop, the top of the stitch, in-between the stitches and around or in the posts. If you do not know where to find these spot, I included a picture diagraming each one below.


Now, if I have not scared you off you will notice that it is really a simple stitch to master. These are just a few things I had to learn in mastering the stitch myself. By sharing them you can learn from my failures. Now, let’s get started on the tutorial. Stop reading right now, go quickly and get your yarn and hook and we will get going.

Split Single Crochet Tutorial:

You will want to do a foundation chain of 26 chains and work one row of Single Crochets. If you do not know how to work a Single Crochet here is a link to my tutorial on it.

(Single Crochet Link)


Instead of working in the top of the stitch like you normally would with a single crochet, you will want to insert your hook in-between the post. It will have an appearance of an upside down V. Once you insert the hook into the post, from that point on you work it as if it is a regular Single Crochet. (picture above.)


Note: You will want to make sure you are coming through the v itself as pictured above.


When you have done a few rows you will notice that it will have a knitted like texture that would be perfect for wash clothes or any fabric that you will want to be durable. (pictured above)

If you have worked this stitch before, I would love to hear how you enjoyed working with it and on what project. Or if you are like me and find this a new experience, tell me how you like the Split Single Crochet?

Is there something having to do with crocheting that you would like more information on? How about a stitch or technique you are having trouble with? Then please email me at crochetingwithpassion@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you, and who knows you might be the subject of a future posting.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.