If you live in the Midwest you might have noticed that we experienced some terrible storms yesterday.  I was rather glad at the time and would like to give thanks because we lost electrical power for several hours.  This forced me to stop what I was doing and because I was limited by what I could do.   I just got my Kindle and listened to an audiobook while I crocheted by a large picture window.  In short, I found some extra time on my hands and was able to finish this months kit earlier than anticipated.

Annie’s Hook & needle club sent me a “Woven Table Runner”.   This is the first time I made a table runner out of “4 weight” yarn, I usually use doily thread; but it turned out really pretty and made up really quick. I originally was going to keep this item, but the more I worked on it, the more I knew that it would be perfect in my friends home. So I decided to give it to her as a gift.

The crochet project was worked using chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), single crochet(Single Crochet)and trebles (Triple/Treble Crochet), and finishing the project with an edging of reverse single crochets (Reverse Single Crochet). I have always believed the reverse single crochet makes a beautiful edging to any project.

Once the Table Runner was finished I then added fringe to all the rows of single crochets and then weaved the ribbon in and out of the trebles. The finished effect reminded me of the classic doilies I had seen in the old movies made in the forties. I guess I have old fashioned tastes.

Annie’s sent an insert with the pattern that had corrections on it. With the insert the instructions were really easy to read and follow. Although there was no skill level listed on this; I believe it would be a good project for a beginning crocheter. It is always fun to crochet an item for your home.

I would rate this project a nine based on the factors of the pattern being so easily readable- enough supplies in the kit, and the fact that I could duplicate the product if needed. The one point was for the fact, I do not really think it is something I would crochet again.  Note; this time the kit did tell me the name of the yarn, “Premier Dream Yarn” color “Camelback”. For those of you that have been following my blog, you know that two kits prior, were sent with unmarked yarn. This would make it impossible for me to replicate the project exactly.

Remeber that rainy weather is the perfect to finish up those crochet projects that are laying around.  Until next week, keep those hooks flying.