This Thursday will start the beginning of a new “Crochet 101” class for me. (for details …Crochet 101) In the first class I teach two stitches; the first was last weeks tutorial the chain stitch (Chain Stitch), and the second is the one I will be doing a tutorial on today, the Single Crochet (sc).

The single crochet stitch seems for some to be the hardest to learn. I have seen people master the Double and Trible crochet and still struggle with the Single. It is my intention in this tutorial to not only cover step by step instructions for the stitch but to also explore some of the common mistakes and tips you can take to remedy the problems.

First the Single Crochet Tutorial (sc)


Holding the chain in the desired position, insert hook into the second from hook. When you insert the hook you want to go into the top loop only.


Wrap yarn over hook. (yo)


Draw yarn thru chain stitch. This will give you two loops on the hook.


Wrap yarn over hook again.


Draw yarn thru both loops on hook. This will give you one loop on the hook and one Single Crochet completed.

To make the next Single Crochet, insert hook into the next ch and repeat steps 2 – 5.

Second row of Single Crochet:


To begin a new row, chain one after the last Single Crochet is completed in the first row, then turn your work so that the reverse side is facing you. (ch 1, turn).


Make the first stitch of the second row into the last stitch of the previous row by inserting the hook under the two loops of the stitch.

You will now work the single crochet into each stitch across.

Common Mistakes:

Keep in mind these are general rules that you will follow unless the pattern tells you different.

When you crochet your chain row, make sure you have one more chain stitch than you have on your chain. You will never count the slip knot in the beginning or the chain on your hook.

Always put your first Single Crochet into the second chain from hook when you are working your first row.

Always crochet into the top of chain stitch when crocheting your first row of Single Crochet.

In the second row of Single Crochet’s and all subsequent rows always crochet in both loops.

In the second row of the Single Crochet and all subsequent rows always crochet in first stitch of row.

A lot of people will crochet a piece with all Single Crochet only to discover at the end that they either lost or gained stitches. For example they will start with 25 stitches only to end 20 rows later with 17. I use and teach these two little tips very successfully in my class, and know they can help you.

First, until you get used to crocheting always take the time to count your stitches. I know what you are thinking, ” that is so time consuming”, but it is a lot more time consuming to have to constantly be taking out the rows and reworking them than counting stitches, right?

I have found from experience that the most common mistake is not being able to recognize the first and last stitch. This will cause a fluctuation in the number of stitches you will have in each row.

This brings me to the second tip; which is using a stitch marker on the first and last stitch of each row until you can identify these stitches easily. By placing the markers in these stitches one can easily tell where to end and start each row. This is the process I teach people to use and have had a lot of success with it.


First, after you have completed your first Single Crochet you immediately place a stitch marker in the top of the Single Crochet continuing on until the last single crochet has been made. Next, you then place a stitch marker in the last row. (shown below)

Then turn your work, look and see where the stitch marker is placed, remove it, work a Single Crochet in that stitch and then place the maker in the first stitch you just worked. (shown below)


Work the remaining stitches in the row until you come to the last marker, look and see where the stitch marker is placed, remove it, work a Single Crochet in that stitch and then place the maker in the last stitch worked.

By repeating these steps you will always know where your first and last stitches in each row are to be worked. Then once you get used to identifying the stitches you can stop using the markers.

I hope this tutorial helps you in mastering the Single Crochet. Remember that to develop the skill in crocheting the best advise is to practice, practice, practice.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.