With summer comes a lot more outdoor activities and as in the case of my husband and I, we have been doing a lot more bicycling. It seems like there is always more time to crochet in the winter time. So in the warmer weather I need to be more determined to find time for crocheting. This week I succeeded. I found time to finish the “Lovely Lattice Vest”. As I mentioned in my earlier post, this is my fifth kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle club.

The vest itself works up pretty quickly and would be a good project for someone who has never crocheted an article of clothing. The skill level was easy, making it a simple pattern to follow being that the pattern is a variation of the filet stitch (Filet Mesh) on the bottom of the vest. The top was made of a combination of double crochet (dc) (Double Crochet), double crochet decreases (dc dec)(Double Crochet decrease) and 3-double crochet decreases (3-dc dec) giving a beginner some experience with two different decreases.

Although the pattern called for an I hook, I used a J only for the foundation chain. When I used the I it seemed to pucker a bit, switching to the larger hook seemed to take care of the problem. I then used the required I hook for the rest of the pattern.

I would also recommend being careful with the rows on the two front pieces where it tells you to alternate two rows 6 times. Make sure you take the time to keep count of what row you are on. This is one of the reasons I like to use stick um pads, I can mark on them while at the same time keeping my pattern unmarred.

Once again Annie’s sent me a yarn I cannot identify for there was no brand names on the label. I can tell you it was a dark gray, which is a good neutral color that will match many things in my wardrobe.

It is always fun to wear an article of clothing that you made and I did enjoy making it, but am unsure at this time if I would take the time to crochet a second one.

I would rate this kit an eight. Based on the fact that the pattern was easy to read. Also, there was more than enough yarn to finish the vest though I couldn’t replace the yarn, if needed. Personally, if I really enjoy a yarn, I think I should be able to go and purchase some more.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.