I am in the process of revising my classes and have decided to share a little about the classes that I teach. I know most of you live too far away to really attend unfortunately, but I was asked to post the classes for those that live near by. This week I thought I would share about one of my most popular class – Crocheting 101 – my beginning crocheting class.

Crocheting 101 is a great class for a novice or a crocheter who would like to improve their skill. It will teach beginning stitches like the chain, single, double, rib stitch and triple. Then we move on to the intermediate stitches like the Basket Weave, decreasing, increasing, the shell, how to work in rounds and how to work from charts. We will also be reviewing the anatomy of the crochet hook and crocheting abbreviations. Having trouble understanding how to read a pattern, how to gauge, how to read a yarn label, how to pick the right yarn for the right project, or how to join yarn, sew squares together and weave in those yarn ends? Then let this class help you learn and perfect your crocheting skill. At the end of the class you would have made a Sampler Afghan for your own enjoyment. In addition to right hander I also teach left handed students.

I have been teaching this class for close to fifteen years. It is a two hour class, once a week for twelve weeks. This class will give you a good basic foundation to help get you started in crocheting or to help you develop your skills and to be able to give a more polished finished to your projects for those who already know how to crochet. I have had people take this class who never picked up a crochet hook in their lives to people who have been crocheting from 40 years. This is my foundational class so I usually teach this class two to three times a year. It is also my favorite class to teach – I love seeing people developing their new found skill and starting a new found love for crocheting.  This summer I will be teaching this class in two nearby cities.

This is our Class Syllabus.

Lesson 1:

Abbreviation Chain Stitch

Single Crochet

Anatomy of Crochet Hooks

Crocheting Equipment and tools Explain

Lesson 2:

How to Gauge

The Slip Stitch

Square Edging

Rib Stitch

Lesson 3:

Half Double Crochet

How to read a Yarn Label

Lesson 4:

Double Crochet

How to join new Yarn

How to work in Rounds

How to use a Color Wheel

Lesson 5:

Post Stitches

Basket weave Stitch

Lesson 6:

Triple Crochet

Japanese Foundation

Lesson 7:

Triple Crochet Clusters

Lesson 8:

How to decreasing

a double decreasing

Lesson 9:

Simple shell

Lesson 10:

Popcorn Stitch

Working from Charts

Lesson 11:

3 double crochet clusters

4 double crochet clusters

Lesson 12:

Crocheting a rose

whipstitching squares together

single crochet decrease


Until next week, keep those hooks flying.