This post, for me is going to be a milestone in my crocheting blogging journey.  Not because it is a tutorial or because I love writing about anything that has to do with crocheting; but because it is my first requested tutorial.  
Reposted from under a comment that was made.
“Help! THis is kind of an interesting coincidence, but I started working on an afghan last night that was NOT working at all. I was going to send you the instructions for you to look over and then noticed that the stitch that is giving me fits is the same one in the eyelet dishcloth. Perhaps the instruction you have are more clear than the ones I have. The instructions for the stitch that crosses over the double crochets are not real clear in mine and it ends up looking like a puckered blob. 
Today I am going to do a step by step tutorial on the “Cross-Over Long Double Crochet Stitch”.  This is an easy textured stitch to work but it looks harder to do than it really seems.  A lot of people have trouble understanding the instructions so they get frustrated and walk away. I am going to take you through the stitch step by step and hopefully guide you through it to a successful end.
If you have never done a “Cross-Over Long Double Crochet” this is where you stop reading, grab a ball of yarn and crohcet hook.  Ready?  Lets learn a new stitch.
Cross-Over Long Double Crochet:
ch 15
Row 1:  sc in second ch from hook and each ch across.  You should have 14 sc  by the end of the row.
Row 2: ch 3 to turn, work 1 dc in each of next 3 sts, 
make one long dc in the first st of this row (same place as the beginning ch-3), * skip 1 st, work 1 dc in each of next 3 sts, make one long dc in the skipped stitch **, 
repeat the directions between * and ** as many times as needed to go across the row.
Note:  Long Double Crochet Yarn over hook, insert hook through the stitch where you want the long loop to begin, then yarn over hook, pull yarn through the stitch and continue pulling to draw up a long loop that will reach over to the next stitch to be worked in the row, yarn over hook, pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over hook, pull through last 2 loops on hook.  
Note:  If your piece is curling because it is too tight, you are not pulling your long loop over far enough to keep it flat.  This is usually where most people make a mistake is in this stitch.
Note:  I myself,  generally skip a stitch and work the 3 double crochets and go back to the skip stitch.
Additional Rows: Repeat row 1 and 2 to desire length.
I hope you have taken the time to learn a new stitch this week, and if there is a stitch you are have trouble with.  Write and let me know,  I would love to write a tutorial for you. Please don’t stop working on your project because you do not know a stitch, help is only a key stroke away! 
Until next time, keep those hooks flying.