The “Learn A Stitch Dishcloths” was my third kit from the “Annie Hook and Needle Club”. So far, I am really enjoying the club. I am finding myself looking forward to the end of each month eagerly awaiting to see which kit will come in the mail next. The trick for me is to make sure the one project is finished before the next one comes and so far none of them has been overwhelming. Making it easy to keep this commitment.

Since this month’s dishcloths are so quick and easy I decided to crochet them at the beginning of the month and then work on finishing up the Tartan Afghan I had started on earlier this year.

There was a set of three dishcloths patterns accompanied by three skeins of “Peaches N Cream” yarn. I have done all these stitches before but it is always nice to have a review.


Learn a Stitch Dishcloth – Ribbed Stitch

The color Tea Rose yarn was so pretty it had to be the first one to be completed. It was mostly crocheted using the Ribbed Stitch (Single Crochet Rib Stitch). It is actually a stitch I teach in my Beginning Crochet Class so the stitch itself was no problem. The pattern was another story. The gauge was 4 sc = 1 inch which was to have a finished dishcloth of 9 x 9. The problem? The first thing I was asked to do is chain 41 which caused the finished project to be too large. So I ch 37 with an F Hook, because otherwise the count would not match the gauge . By making this adjustment I still had a gauge of 4 sc = 1 inch and my dishcloth finished measurements were 9 X 9.

The rest of the pattern worked up with no problem. I also like the fact that there is no edging on it and the way the patterned worked it really did not need one. This was the first dishcloth I have crocheted that did not require an edging.

The hook required to obtain the gauge was an F. It was possible to do but with such a thick yarn I had to crochet a little slower then normal. The smaller hook with the medium weight yarn made it a little tedious to maneuver the hook, but in the end it did come out looking great. It is a good pattern for a beginner crocheter as it is ranked an “easy pattern” to crochet and finished. My only problem with the pattern was the number of chains required in the beginning. Other than that, the pattern was easy to read and follow.


Learn a Stitch Dishcloth- Eyelet

Once again we are using a F hook and finished measurement are 9 x 9; only this time we are using “Sugar N Cream” yellow yarn. Although the piece looks difficult, it is actually an easy pattern. The instruction were very well written and easy to follow. The F hook made a slower work but it still crocheted up in one afternoon. I loved the finished dishcloth.


Learn a Stitch Dishcloth- Seed Stitch

I guess you figured out by now that the wash clothes have four things in common; they all are an “easy” level pattern, uses a F hook , all the finished measurements are 9 x 9″ and all uses “Sugar N Cream” yarn (just in different colors). The last one uses Country Green, a pea soup colored green.

This pattern was also very easy to read and follow. The seed stitch is also a fun stitch to work. I do not know if I will like a flower on my dishcloth (time will tell and a lot of dirty dishes) but it does end up looking rather pretty. I do not know about you all, but I love pretty.

When sewing on the rose I had to take extra care in order that the yarn would not show much. I like the back to look as nice as the front. I had also never made this type of flower before, so as always it was fun to try a new pattern. The dishcloth was very easy to crochet and looked really cute in the end.

Bonus: I had a little yarn left over and made a Granny Square Dishcloth from a pattern found on the back of one of the yarn labels. It was just a basic granny square pattern, but who does not like that timeless pattern?

All and all I would rank this kit an 8. My main problem was the instructions on the ribbed stitch dishcloth. I believe for a beginning crocheter who was gauging her work, that would have caused problems for her. However I really enjoy crocheting dishcloths for small projects.

These four dishcloths are going away in my gift box (a box I have set aside for crochet projects with no destination in mind) and when the opportunity arises I will have a nice gift for someone already to wrap and hand out.

I have approximately two weeks before my next Annie Hook & Needle club kit arrives. I will be working on finishing up part two of the Tartan Afghan in the Woven Overlay Stitch. Hoping to have it done by the next arrival.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.