I made a promise to myself that I would finish each project before I received the next one in the mail. Let’s just say I kept this promise this month by the skin of my teeth. Today I have finish my second kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club; the Steppin’ Out Poncho. (pictured above)

First I would like to say I am really pleased with the end results. The poncho is crocheted in a beautiful “Simply Soft” grape color yarn. It is composed of clusters and chain 5 spaces that make a stunning lace poncho that produced such an elegant look that I plan on wearing it over my Easter dress.  (pictured below) I am really impressed by the look of the pattern. It is an experienced level pattern, which makes me now aware that not all the patterns I receive from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club will be for beginners – making it more of a variety for a member.


First the positive: The instructions for crocheting the poncho were easy to read, the special stitches were explained fully and in an easy to understand language. I had no trouble understanding them.

I was excited that I got to use my Susan Bates Trim-A-Tool and Fringe Maker. (pictured below) I brought this in my early days of crocheting. Not too many people in my family like fringe, so I do not get to use the tool as often as I like. This Fringe Makers makes it easy to make fringe or tassels and is much easier then using card board. After making fringe one time using the standby cardboard method, I went and bought this tool and now find making fringe quick and easy.


Now the negative: I always crochet a gauge swatch before starting a new project, this one was no different. The gauge they offered was 13 dc = 4 inches, and this was nowhere in the pattern. My gauge came out perfect with a size L hook, which was one size lager then their suggestion. In my opinion there should have been a gauge for the cluster pattern or at the very least I should have been given the dimensions of the panels in their instructions. I was nervous about the width of the panels and unsure of my end results because I was not exactly sure if I had the right dimensions even though my gauge was correct.

I did all that worrying for nothing, the poncho come out just the right size. The instructions for assembling the poncho took me a few minutes to figure out, but after pinning them together a few times before I sewed them together this was solved.

In summary I would rank my experience with this pattern 8 stars. Mostly because of the lack of information about the final size I was shooting for. But I will definitely crochet this again if the occasion presents itself.

Do you have any experience with crocheting clothing; if so, I would love to hear about your ups and downs. Do you enjoy or avoid the clothing crochet patterns?

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.