I am in the process of revising my classes and have decided to share a little about the classes that I teach. I know most of you live too far away to really attend unfortunately, but I was asked to post the classes for those that live near by. This week I thought I would share about one of the two classes I taught yesterday – the Cro-Hook class.

Many of you may not know but this particular stitch is also called cro-hooking, reversible crochet, crochenit, double ended hook, crochet on the double, double hooking and cro-knitting. The reason? Some of these are copyrighted with certain companies. For this reason I decide to go with the name of the hook, Cro-hook. No matter what you call you will still get the same amazing results.

This style of crocheting works with either a double ended hook (10″ or 14″ ranging in sizes   C – P) or a circular double ended hook (22″ ranging in sizes G – J and 40″ ranging in sizes G – J). What I love about this stitch is that it produces a soft, knit like fabric and is very similar to Tunisian crocheting. The difference is it uses two or more skeins of yarn, and the best part of all, is the end which results in a reversible crochet piece with each side being unique.

I really like using this stitch for afghans, scarves and vests but it can be used for lots of other projects. It is like crocheting two projects at the same time instead of one because each side is different.

In my class we make a dish cloth. (picture above) It is a one day class that usually takes 3 hours.

Share if it this is a stitch you have tried. As always I would love to hear about how you like working with the cro-hook.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.