I love reading a good mystery, not the ones with blood and gore, but a good old fashioned who done it. I started with Nancy Drew as a child and am now hooked on my recent discovery of Miss Marple and the Murder She Wrote series. Maybe that is why I am so excited about Annie’s Hook & Needle Club; it is like a good mystery waiting to be read, only with yarn and a pattern. I never know from one month to the next what I will be crocheting. I just open up the package and there it is for me to discover, my new crocheting adventure.


Today I received the second kit and my new adventure for this month is the Steppin’ Out Poncho Kit.  I do not believe there is a certain order to which one receives the kits – it seems that everyone randomly receives a different kit.  I know some have received dish clothes their second month while others have gotten Hat & Mittens.  Do you see how it truly is a mystery what I will be crocheting until I open my mailbox.

I am really excited about receiving the Steppin’ Out Poncho second. Since this arrived in time for Easter (or Resurrection Sunday as I like to refer to it) I can wear it with my Easter dress.

The kit came with two skeins of “Simply Soft” grape color yarn.  This is my daughter’s favorite brand of yarn.  The pattern itself is for an experience level crocheter, a beautiful lacy poncho composed of dc cluster’s (3-dc Cluster) and single crochet decrease’s (Single Crochet Decrease).   Plus I will get to put my fringe maker to use.

I am so looking forward to making this, but I need to finish the Filet Mesh for the Tartan Afghan I am working on first. I wonder if I am the only one that struggles with itchy fingers that just wants to crohcet more projects than I could ever make in one life time.


Added bonus: The yarn came with a pattern for shawl that I will put up for future projects.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.