ImageNow Here we are – at the point of decision; I am standing at the yarn section staring at row upon row of yarn colors. Have you ever been there not knowing exactly what color yarn you should use? Even then when you start looking through the yarn you discover there is a lot more to consider then just color. Or perhaps you didn’t. There is texture, fiber, weight, etc., etc., etc.

These are a few considerations that have helped me when I am starting a new project.

The first thing I ask myself is am I going to use the colors in the project or am I going to choose my own colors? I really like the color scheme that they chose for the first project that we will be starting in the Crochet Master Book. Theirs is mixture of blues with a touch of red, black and white. So in this case, I am using the colors in the pattern. But let’s say I decided not to use their colors; I do not often like the colors the designers pick, then what do I do?

The next step is to go through all the yarn I have at home. Let’s face if you crochet you have a yarn stash. We all do. If left unchecked that yarn stuck away in your closet or under your bed will just keep growing and growing. So before I run to the store I check to see if I have any yarn at home that would work. Keep in mind, unless it does not have a dye lot number you must buy all of the yarn you need at the same time.

When my personal stash has been gone through then I make my list and plan a shopping excursion to my local yarn store for the rest of the needed yarn. If one of the stores are having a yarn sale thats the first stop.

Now when you are standing there in the middle of the yarn section here are some things to consider when picking out your yarn:

First look at all the shades of Colors and then pick colors that match. This sometimes can be the hardest thing for people. If you are like me and really do not have an eye for colors you now have a few choices. Take someone with you who does and trust their judgment. Use the colors that the designer did. Or do what I do, when I am having trouble picking out my colors; I print out a color wheel and I use that to help me pick out matching colors. In the case of this afghan there are six colors that need to be picked out.  I have inserted a color wheel for any who would like one.

Price is something that we all look at.   None of us wants to over pay for yarn, but at the same time you do not really want the cheap stuff either. Although I use the cheaper yarn for some things; when I am crocheting a gift for someone or something special for myself I want to purchase the yarn of a higher quality.

Quality: Nobody wants yarns that is itchy, that splits constantly or loses it color when you wash it. If I am going to take the time to crochet something, I might as well use good yarn. I am not saying to buy the most expensive thing out there, but get yarn that is going to hold up to use and age. If your still unsure ask the clerk in the yarn department for help.

Weight: The term weight refers to the thickness of yarn. Smaller weights are better for crocheting lace and light, delicate items, while higher numbered weights are great for thicker projects like Afghans, bags or sweaters. They are numbered from 0 through 6 on the yarn label; known as Baby yarn, Sport yarn, Double knitting worsted yarn, worsted yarn, Bulky yarn and Gigantic Yarn.

You must consider texture: Each yarn you buy can give a different look when you crochet with it, so try out the different types of yarn out there to find what looks good for project. Remember some yarns can be more difficult to crochet with then others. Keep a record of what yarn you preferred for successful projects.

When choosing yarn one must understand that yarn comes from different material – Just like there are different textures, there are so many different materials that yarn can be made out of. There is the typical acrylic, wool and cotton, then you can get fancy with the aplaca, mohair and recycled yarns. Keep in mind that some materials are easier to take care of and can be machine washed, while others may be dry clean only. You can check the yarn’s package for care instructions.

Remember when you are deciding – take your time and buy what will make you happy with your finished project and have fun experimenting and learning.